Save the planet

OK reducing the footprint of your dog food alone won’t save the planet, but it’s a step in the right direction. And one step follows another, and another, and before you know it we’ve changed our habits and collectively - we’ve saved the planet. 

Even still, if you order your dog food right now, which takes less than two
minutes (yes we’ve timed it!) here’s the difference you’ll make in the long run.

Buying dog food the regular way

First of all let’s assume you buy Aussie made dog food. That’ll reduce the impact
straight away as there’s less transport and shipping involved. Now we’ll assume your dog weighs 20kg, and we know a bag of good quality, premium dog food will last about six weeks – which is eight bags a year.

A dog of that size will live to be about 12, meaning you’ll throw away 96 bags of single use, plastic packaging that will probably never be removed from our environment.

Buying with Delivery Hound

We’ll stay with Aussie made dog food, and the assumption of a 20kg dog for 12 years, but instead of throwing away 96 bags of single use packaging in his lifetime, we’ll re-use the same two barrels (filled with grain free dog food) for the entire period. 

We drop one off at your front door, and when you’re finished we’ll pick it up and drop of another one. So there’s no wastage at all. And if they happen to get damaged we recycle them.

What do you think is the more sustainable approach?
And it gets worse if you’re buying your dog food from overseas.

How does it work?
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