How to Choose the Best Dog Food Delivery Service

As dog owners, we are eager to please our four-legged mates! Food is the number one way to show how much you love your dog! There are many factors to consider when choosing a dog food delivery service & we've outlined the key ones here.

What type of food do you feed your dog?

Man's Best Grain-Free Premium, Aussie Made Dog Food

Is it wet food, dry, grain-free food? At Delivery Hound we understand that a healthy, nutritious diet is the foundation of a dog's wellbeing. Balance is important as is ensuring that there is a single-source of protein in the ingredients. Single-source protein diets are recommended by vets as they are less likely to trigger an immunological reaction. Cheaper foods tend to use a mix of seasonal proteins, so despite them being labeled as chicken on the front, the ingredient list may read with chicken or turkey.... 

If a food has a meat as the first ingredient, then four sources of carbohydrates, you can be confident that the protein is the meat source. It pays to read the label! 

Ask for a sample before signing up, this will ensure your dog likes the food before you commit!

Quality packing & storage

It can be overwhelming as a consumer to choose when it comes to the shelf life of your dog's food. Advertisers make this a difficult task! However, the last thing you want is to have the food spoil by incorrectly storing it & the last thing we all

Refill & Replace Dog Food Service

need more of is single-use plastic! Our philosophy is simple. Our delivery service is the first in Australia to remove single-use plastics from our dog food. We have closed the loop on traditional 'take-make-dispose' packaging by introducing a refill & reuse system!

Read more here on how this works!

Variety of meals

We get sick of the same meals day in, day out & so can our dogs. Variety in recipes is important to the overall health of your dog too. With busy lives, most pet owners need the option of switching flavours & recipes as required. This option should be an easy process. Ensure that you can sign in to an account & that switching recipes is available. At Delivery Hound we have a variety of 6 different recipes of nutritious & delicious premium grain-free Aussie made dog food from Man’s Best. Made right here in NSW, Australia with the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Customise delivery

Look for a service that suit's you. Ensure that you can change the delivery to suit the needs of your dog. With Delivery Hound, you can purchase as a one-time customer whenever required or you can subscribe. When you subscribe, you can change the frequency & recipe on repeat-you will also save money!

Delivery charges

These can often add up over time & if you are off the beaten track, you may end up having to pay extra to have your dog food delivered. Delivery Hound has no delivery fee to keep things simple!

Carbon footprint

Many foods are imported from overseas. If you consider the efforts that go into the manufacturing of the food, plus the trip to Australia, some brands of dog food have traveled over 15,000km before it even lands on the shelf. Read more here about the traditional journey of dog food. 

No Single-Use Plastic Dog Food Subscription Service

Delivery Hound is an Aussie company & uses Aussie grown food for your dog! The food is also made here in Australia. Our  containers are filled in our facility and are ready when you are!

Your food is delivered by us that’s one trip direct to your door where we collect your empty container & return it for cleaning and refilling.


Contact & returns

Is the delivery company easy to reach if you have questions or concerns? What's their return policy? Do they offer a money-back guarantee if the food isn't fresh for any reason? Delivery Hound offers a money back

Contact us at Delivery Hound!

guarantee without the fuss! 

You can cancel any time.
✓ There are no contracts or obligations.
✓ We’ll give you your money back.


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