Dog Food Monthly Subscription

Imagine paying a monthly fee for a subscription to get a well-designed tub filled with dog food that will be refilled every time you need more food for your friend. That is exactly what you can get with our second to none dog food monthly subscription at Delivery Hound. What makes our dog food monthly subscription different from the others is that we don't just send you a bag of food once a month. We send you a well-designed tub that you can use to store the food, and we refill it every time you need more food. This way, you never have to worry about running out of food for your dog.

We started shipping our first Man's Best dog food in July 2019 and it hasn't stopped since. While we're still growing, we know that if we do a little bit together, we can truly save the planet because we understand the invaluable purpose behind us as Australia's best dog food monthly subscription service. We have an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce pollution by replacing traditional plastic bag packaging with fully reusable tubs. The solution lies in the circular economy, especially with reusable cups. We deliver a reusable jar of delicious, high-quality Man's Best dog food to your door, with no single-use plastic packaging.

Another advantage of our dog food monthly subscription is that we only use the highest quality ingredients because we work with Man’s Best, an excellent brand with a great reputation for offering excellent food. With no fillers or artificial ingredients, this grain-free food is exactly what your friend needs to keep a healthy diet and stay fit. With Delivery Hound, it is possible to make the entire ordering process easier with our dog food monthly subscription and forget about having to walk local stores looking for dog food.

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