Our Mission

We’re making it our business to reduce the impact you – and your best friend - have on the environment, by helping you eliminate single-use plastic dog food packaging.

After 25 years in the pet business, we were shocked to learn of the damage we were unknowingly doing to the planet.

Specifically the problem with single-use plastic. We decided to make a change ourselves. In addition to reducing waste in our own lives, we began to examine the waste in our business, and the idea for Delivery Hound was born.

Meet the Team

Jeremy and Murray are furrever friends and undisputed top dogs. Will perform tricks for Man’s Best, can answer all your questions about eliminating single-use plastic, love a tummy tickle, saving the planet and never running out of dog food.

Say hello, we’d love to hear from you: hello@deliveryhound.com.au

How it works

The problem with dog food packaging

Pet food bags are not recyclable. Yup, even the paper ones are lined with non-recyclable plastic, and those neat cardboard boxes contain plastic bags so they’re not really helping.

We did the math and worked out on average a dog will consume 96 bags of dog food in its lifetime. That’s 96 single-use plastic bags going to landfill that can’t be recycled and will take up to 1,000 years to break down into nasty microplastics that never really go away.  Not happy Jan!

Our planet-saving solution!

The solution lay in the circular economy and in particular reusable tubs.

Just like the "Swap & Go" gas bottles at the servo, except we deliver to you. That way you only ever use two tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning, refilling, reusing and replacing for you. 

It took a bit of time to get the logistics right, but now you can feed your dog great quality, premium Aussie dog food, without adding to the single-use plastic waste problem.

Switch & save

We started delivering our first tubs of Man's Best dog food in July 2019 and haven't stopped since. Whilst we're still growing, we know that if we all do a little bit, together we really can save the planet.

Feed your dog, save the planet. Why wouldn’t you!

Send your plastic-busting, planet-saving questions to us: hello@deliveryhound.com.au