How it Works

Feed your dog and save the planet with our Refill & Replace subscription

Never run out of dog food again

We hate running out of dog food as much as we hate single-use plastic packaging. Now you can avoid both with our Refill & Replace subscriptions.

All you need to do is set your subscription and we do everything else. We deliver a refillable tub to your doorstep and when it’s empty you just leave it outside on your pick up day and we replace it will a sparkling clean, full tub. On repeat. Set and forget. Too easy.

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Reduce your plastic pawprint

Stop buying single-use plastic packaging. Did you know that plastic dog food bags can’t be recycled?

Even those ‘paper’ bags have plastic lining and those neat cardboard boxes come with a single-use plastic bag. But with Delivery Hound you’ll only ever use two tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning and refilling for you. Paws up for zero plastic waste! Paws up for the circular economy!

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