How to keep a healthy dog

In some ways keeping a healthy dog is easy. They need a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, regular trips to the vet and a caring family to look after them.

The same as us, really, and yet, how often does life get in the way
of delivering all of that for yourself – never mind your dog!

We find it’s best to keep it simple. That way you’ve a better chance of staying with the program.

This is all you have to do:

Regular Exercise

The amount of exercise required to keep a healthy dog depends on age, breed, genetics, and who you’re talking to. Everyone agrees it should be a daily event though. Thirty to sixty minutes walking, running or throwing a ball and you won’t go far wrong.

Trips to the vet

This is pretty simple. Check-ups should be once a year, at least, and twice a year when they’ve reached the grand old age of seven. This ensures vaccinations are up to date, helps you keep an eye on their weight, parasites, and any unexpected ailments.

Healthy Diet

Granted, maintaining a healthy diet is more difficult than a daily walk, and visiting the vet once a year. But it’s no less important. If you’re armed with knowledge, keep to the basics and consult with your vet, however, you’ll establish a healthy diet specific to your dog.

Caring Family

Dogs are emotional creatures, and they need love and affection as much as we do. Talk to them, play with them, groom them. As well as helping to increase your dog’s well-being, you’ll be able to spot little issues before they develop in to big ones.

And spending time with dogs has been proven to lower your blood pressure, decrease anxiety and relieve depression! Not to mention put a smile on your face too :)

And that’s it!  Keep it simple, stay with the program. Job done.

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