If you have any specific question about delivery, they may be answered herebut if not please contact us here, and ask.

All our barrels are scrupulously steam cleaned. No chemicals. No nasties. No yucky residue. Eco-friendly. You could eat your dinner off them – literally.

The packing facility is dark and cool to regulate the temperature and maintain freshness. Food is packed into barrels as soon as it arrives from the manufacturer, and it’s shipped to you within six weeks.

Right here in Australia. So you’re reducing your impact on the environment by eliminating overseas transport straight away. Also, it’s been carefully researched and developed over three years by specialist vet nutritionists, so you can be assured it’s a high-quality, grain free dog food that’s great for your pet.

No problem. Send the barrel back to us, we’ll send the money back to you. Over 95% of dogs love the taste of Man's Best though, so you’re probably going to be alright. Money back guarantee details here.

No problem, we’ll just pick it up next time. We’ll take a $15 deposit from your credit card, to be returned when we have the barrel back to be cleaned.

So long as you leave it somewhere obvious, there’s no problem . Or, if you’d rather we deliver it to your workplace (or anywhere else for that matter) please let us know in the notes section of your order. 

Yes you can. Just log-in here, and change your order. 

That’s fine, our driver will check the barrel and add any leftovers into the new barrel they’re dropping off. If this continues to happen however, you might want to change the frequency of your order.

On a Wednesday, at whatever frequency you’ve chosen.

Log-in here, and hit the ‘paws’ button on your ‘manage my subscription’ page. I know, dreadful - but we couldn’t resist.

No problem. Log-in here, visit the ‘manage my subscription’ page, and cancel the subscription. It takes 24 hours to process, then it’s done.