If you're searching online for Aussie made sensitive stomach dog food, try Man's Best! The range is suitable for all breeds, from small, puppy to adult large breeds our grain free formula based on real, home grown ingredients is the choice for sensitive stomach and skin issues.

 We use 100% Aussie owned and made Man’s Best Premium Grain Free Dog Food. Created by a team of vets and pet nutritionists, every Man’s Best recipe is locally produced using only the best local ingredients to ensure your best friend has everything they need to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Our team of experts  know that stomach sensitivities are common with dogs fed on a diet with grains and that's why all Man's Best formulas are grain-free!

Grain-free diets are appropriate for all breeds of dogs – even large breed dogs. One of the major benefits of grain-free diets for dogs is that it eliminates poor quality carbohydrates from their diet, which often helps decrease their body weight. Additionally, grain-free diets provide higher levels of protein, aiding in muscle growth and development. These diets also contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to ensure your pup's overall health. Last but not least, grain-free dog food options are typically free from artificial flavors and preservatives, offering a more natural approach that works to improve your pup's wellbeing.