Zero Waste Dog Food Australia

Delivery Hound uses no single-use plastic and  delivers  delicious dog food door-to-door right across Sydney! With Delivery Hound you’ll only ever use two recyclable tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning, refilling & replacing for you. If you are playing your role or have committed to change, using this system of delivering dog food will see you become a zero-waste household in no time.

The problem with dog food packaging

Pet food bags are not recyclable. Yup, even the paper ones are lined with non-recyclable plastic, and those neat cardboard boxes contain plastic bags so they’re not really helping.

We did the math and worked out on average a dog will consume 96 bags of dog food in its lifetime. That’s 96 single-use plastic bags going to landfill that can’t be recycled and will take up to 1,000 years to break down into nasty microplastics that never really go away.

That’s zero single-use plastic waste compared to throwing away 96 bags of single-use dog food packaging in your dog’s lifetime, we did the calculations!

The system works in much the same style as the milkman once did. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this service, here’s how it worked - People would buy milk from a delivery service daily. The milk was delivered in glass bottles & the empty ones were left out for the milkman to collect and replace with fresh ones.

We know that sustainability in pet food packaging is important to pet owners, unfortunately, the industry has been slow to react to this social issue. As well as eliminating single-use plastic from dog food, Delivery Hound has also reduced the carbon footprint by using Australian made (right here in NSW) Man’s Best dog food. That’s an immediate reduction on the environment as there’s less transport and shipping involved.

Learn more here about how Delivery Hound works to feed your dog and save the planet!