Australian Made Dog Food

Looking for premium, grain free, Australian made dog food for your best friend? At Delivery Hound we have exactly what you are looking for! We are a proudly Aussie owned and operated business with dedicated professionals who have over 25 years of experience in the pet industry. We take pride in supplying a service that is unique from the ones offered by other businesses. At Delivery Hound you can order your pet’s food completely online and receive it in a refillable tub thought and design to contribute to the preservation of the planet. As experienced professionals in this industry, we know Australian made dog food is distributed in single-use plastic dog food packaging which is greatly harmful to the environment.

At Delivery Hound you can select from 5 different recipes, all of them available in 5kg and 11kg refillable tubs. As soon as your best friend is running out of food, you can contact us and we will be there in no time to replace it with a sparkling clean new refilled tube with our excellent Australian made dog food. Since we started delivering our first tubs of Australian made dog food in 2019, we’ve only received excellent reviews from responsible pet owners who value offering the best possible food for their lovely best friends and keeping it in excellent refillable containers reducing pollution. Whilst we're still growing, we know that if we all do a little bit, together we really can save the planet.

With Delivery Hound you’ll only ever use two recyclable tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning, refilling & replacing for you. You can get a special discount of $10 off your first order by subscribing to our newsletter. Feed your dog, save the planet. Why wouldn’t you? Send your plastic-busting, planet-saving questions to us:

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