How dog food gets to your front door

We know that dog food packaging is all single use plastic, it takes 1,000
years to only partially break down – and it never breaks down completely.

Not the best, to say the least.

However if your dog food comes from overseas, it could be even worse.
Here’s the full story of how your dog food generally ends up at your front door.

Truck No. 1

Plastic packaging is created in a factory, and sent to the dog food manufacturing facility.

Truck No. 2

The bags are filled and taken to port, ready for shipping to Australia.

Ship No.1

If it’s coming from the US, that’s at least 15,000 kilometres across the ocean. 

Truck No. 3

The ship docks and unloads the food onto another truck, which takes it to a warehouse.

Truck No. 4

Another truck takes it to a wholesaler.

Truck No. 5

The wholesaler freights it to your local pet store, or online retailer.

Car No. 1

You drive to the store and pick it up, it finally arrives at your door. 

- - - Or you order it online.

Truck No. 6

Your dog food is freighted from the retailer to a logistics warehouse.

Truck No. 7

Another truck takes it from the warehouse, to your front door.

So you’re either looking at five trucks, one ship and a car, or it’s seven trucks and a ship.Whichever way you look at it, it seems ridiculous when we’re living in a world that’s heating up because of fossil fuels, and choking to death on plastics.

It’s when we started looking into all of this, we realised we needed to make a change in our own lives, and help others to do the same too.