Refill & Replace Subscription

Our Refill & Replace subscription will save you time, save you money and save about 96 single-use plastic dog food bags from landfill.

Save time

We hate running out of dog food as much as we hate single-use plastic packaging.

Now you can avoid both with our Refill & Replace subscriptions. All you need to do is set your order up and we do everything else. We deliver a refillable tub to your doorstep and when it’s empty you just leave it outside on your pick up day and we replace it will a sparkling clean, full tub. On repeat. Set and forget. Too easy.

Save money

When you purchase a subscription order, you also save money and do your bit to save the planet.

You’ll save 3.67% on every subscription order and get free delivery. Did we mention we do all the hard work for you? Yup, all you do is order. We take care of everything else. We deliver, pick-up, refill & replace.

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Feed your dog

Nutritious and delicious premium grain free Aussie made dog food from Man’s Best. Made right here in NSW, Australia with the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Save the planet

Less landfill. More refill. Every order from Delivery Hound saves a single-use plastic dog food bag from going to landfill. Which adds up to about 96 bags over the average dog’s lifetime. With Delivery Hound you can reduce your plastic pawprint and say goodbye to single-use plastic in your dog food.

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