Dog Food Home Delivery

Delivery Hound has become a mandatory mention when customers need grain-free, Australian-made dog food for their best friend. At Delivery Hound we have exactly what your dog needs to stay healthy and fit! We are an Australian owned and operated company with dedicated professionals who have over 25 years of experience in the pet industry. In 2019, we decided to come up with an excellent dog food home delivery service that makes the entire process hassle-free, saving our customers a lot of time and effort from having to visit local stores and looking for a good brand that covers your dog’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is completely different from other companies. At Delivery Hound, you can order your pet's food online and have it delivered in refillable tubs designed and engineered to help save the planet. It is not a secret that Australian-made dog food comes in single-use plastic dog food packaging, which is very harmful to the environment. We stand out as the first business you can trust when looking for superior dog food home delivery services; with a purpose that is kinder to the environment. At Delivery Hound, you can choose from 5 different recipes, all in refillable 5kg and 11kg tubs. Once your best friend's food runs out, you can contact us and we'll replace it with a shiny new refillable tube in no time.

With Delivery Hound, you will reduce the amount of pollution you and your best friend produce. With our dog food home delivery, you own a and the ones we clean, replenish and replace for you. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll get a special $10 discount on your first order. Feed your dog and save the planet. why not! Send us your questions about plastic removal and the environment:

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