The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food and Storage Containers in Australia 

Keep your furry friend's food fresh and organised with these top-rated dog food storage containers. Perfect for large dog 11kg  of grain-free food and environmentally friendly too! The best choice  for environmentally conscious pet owners who want to keep their pantry organised and their dog's food free from harmful single use plastic waste.

Say goodbye to single use plastic dog food bags (that take more than 1, 000 years to breakdown in the environment) and hello to these refillable and reusable storage containers with Delivery Hound. Sustainably designed for 11kg  and 5kg of Man's Best Grain-Free Dog food, and eco-friendly with no single use plastic waste.

Our circular economy approach means that we deliver two tubs to you - one for immediate use and one for us to clean, refill, and replace. This way, you can enjoy premium quality pet food without contributing to the single-use plastic waste problem. Plus, it's as easy as a swap and go service, just like with gas bottles at the servo. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment with our refillable pet food storage containers.

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