Environmentally Friendly Dog Food

Delivery Hound offers the best environmentally friendly dog food in Australia Delivery Hound is Australia's number one dog food delivery service provider. This unique service aims to reduce the impact a person and their ‘best friend’ has on the planet by eliminating single-use plastics in dog food packaging. We have a refill and replace service so you can enjoy the best environmentally friendly dog food in Australia without much hassle. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business that takes pride in offering the best possible service to pet owners who are conscious of the environment.

Delivery Hound is a food subscription and delivery service operating in the greater Sydney region. Delivery Hound’s tubs are designed to be reused for the dog’s lifetime as part of the subscription service. Customers simply leave the empty barrel at their front door when they are due for their next delivery and it will be swapped for a fresh, full tub. Delivery Hound owner, Jeremy Maitland explains that “environmental sustainability forms the framework” for all business decisions. Since 2019 customers have been able to eliminate single-use plastics from their dog food purchases, contributing to more sustainable consumption patterns and in doing so, tackling the harmful effects of plastic waste on our planet. Delivery hound is made with natural ingredients and ingredients that are sourced from ethical processors.

The solution lay in the circular economy and in particular reusable tubs. We deliver a reusable tub of delicious Man’s Best premium dog food to your doorstep with zero single-use plastic packaging. To learn more about Delivery Hound and their unique environmentally friendly dog food delivery service, visit their website at Delivery hound. We have a team of dedicated and friendly experts who will be pleased to assist you, contact us through email.

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