Premium Dog Food Subscription

Looking for a premium dog food subscription service in Australia? Delivery Hound is the right place to select when you need excellent quality food for your best friend. While Delivery Hound only has 3 years of experience as a well established business that offers the type of premium dog food subscription you need. We are not new in the pet business, we know the ups and downs and how we can offer the best food available in Australia, and we decide to go the extra mile with an excellent dog food subscription service that exceeds all expectations.

When you select this premium dog food subscription, you get to choose from 5 nutritious and delicious recipes. Select your size and how often you’d like to receive your order. Set and forget. We started delivering our first tubs of Man's Best dog food in July 2019 and haven't stopped since; driven by our passion to help our customers keep their dogs happy and healthy. We're a growing business, we know that if we all do a little bit, together we really can save the planet because we understand the valuable purpose behind what we offer as the best dog food subscription service in Australia.

At Delivery Hound we have a planet-saving solution that helps reduce pollution efficiently by replacing common plastic bag packaging with totally re-usable tubs. The solution lay in the circular economy and in particular reusable tubs. We deliver a reusable tub of delicious Man’s Best premium dog food to your doorstep with zero single-use plastic packaging. Feel free to contact us if you want all the detailed information about our premium dog food subscription and why we have positioned ourselves as the first name that comes to the mind of people when thinking of the best dog food subscription services.

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