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Reducing the impact you have on the environment, and feeding your dog at the same time shouldn’t be a tall order. And now it’s not.

1. Place your order

Select your food, the frequency of delivery, and place your order here.

Man’s Best Premium Dog Food

We use Aussie made, and independently owned, Man’s Best Premium Dog Food.

  • Puppy All Breeds Lamb - More
  • Adult All Breeds Chicken - More
  • Adult All Breeds Lamb - More
  • Adult All Breeds Ocean Fish - More

Or, you can order a one-off barrel, see if your dog likes it and lock in the repeat purchase later. There is a money back guarantee on all orders, so there’s no risk on that front.

Whatever you’re comfortable with.

2. Fresh food is delivered to your door

Your food is packed into a reusable 11kg barrel and delivered to your door. Custom designed for easy storage, they come with a screw top lid that keeps the food fresh until the very last drop.

3. Leave the empty barrel outside, we’ll replace it with a full one

From now on you’ll only ever need two barrels of dog food. The one you have, or the one we’re cleaning for you. You’ve just joined the circular economy, congratulations!

And remember, there’s a money back guarantee

If your dog doesn’t like the food, or they go off it eventually you’ll get your money back.

So there’s nothing to lose from giving it a try. 

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