Delivery details

First of all if you’re not in the greater Sydney area, I’m afraid we can’t help you, yet. If you let us know where you live, we’ll get in touch once we’ve expanded to your region. Sorry!

The green highlighted areas below are where we currently deliver:


If you do live in greater Sydney, all the details are here.

When do you deliver?

On Wednesdays, so keep that in mind when placing your order, as you’ll need to leave your empty barrel at the front door.

What time do you deliver?      

It could be any time after 7am, so we’d recommend leaving your barrel outside the night before.

What if I forget to put my barrel out?

These things happen! We will still deliver to you, just leave two barrels out for collection next time

Do you deliver to apartments?

Yes. We’ll buzz first of all, and if there’s no answer – leave the barrel in a secure place like a mailroom. If you want, however, we can easily deliver to a workplace too.

When will my subscription begin?

If there’s time to process it, the first Wednesday after you place your order.

What are the delivery costs?

  • With subscriptions, all barrels are delivered and picked up for free.
  • Single orders over $50 are delivered for free.
  • Single orders less than $50 cost $8.95.

What if my dog doesn’t like the food?

No problem, just let us know here, and then please return the barrel to us. See returns, refunds and exchanges for more details.

How should I return the barrel?

If you’re posting an item over $75, we’d recommend using a trackable service,
or purchasing insurance. We can’t guarantee we’ll receive your returned item.

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