Before you switch to grain free dog food

If you’ve made the decision, and you’re going to transition to a grain free dog food, a few words of advice before making the switch.

1. Decrease the amount you’re feeding them

To avoid even a healthy, active dog putting on weight, you should decrease the amount you feed them. For help with this, feel free to review our feeding guide here.

2. Ensure the food meets with AAFCO standards

If not, then think very carefully before feeding it to your dog. Would you eat something that hasn’t reached regulatory safety standards?

3. Avoid grain free dog foods with limited ingredients

Often these formulations are missing a range of important macro, and micro
nutrients that help your dog extract all the goodness and energy from their food.

4. Always consult your vet before making major dietary changes

If you’re ever in any doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult your vet before making any big changes to your dog’s diet.

5. Monitor your dog carefully after the change 

Nobody knows your pet as well as you do, so keep a close eye on their progress after you’ve changed their diet. If there are any issues, you’ll spot them before anyone else, and you can always switch back!

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