Dog food packaging and the environment

We all agree that good nutrition is key to a healthy dog and there are lots of premium pet foods around that will achieve this. Price of course is also an important factor when choosing a food.  

Most pet owners,  buy the food, open the bag, scoop it out and think nothing more of it. Have you added up the environmental cost of getting that dog food to your dog and the cost of disposing the bag once it's finished?

Let’s look at food made over seas and see its environmental journey getting to your dog’s bowl in Australia.

The Journey

Plastic bags that dog food goes in are manufactured and then freighted to the dog food manufacturing facility

The food is made, and the bags are filled

The now full bags are packed up and freighted to the port ready for  shipping to Australia 

The ship the sales to Australia (from the USA that’s a trip of at least 15,000 km)

Once the ship docks in Australia, the food is loaded onto another truck

The food is then freighted to a warehouse

The food is then freighted again to a wholesaler

The wholesaler then freights the food to online retailers or your local pet store

If you buy it from your pet store,  you drive to the pet shop to pick up

If you order it online, the food is then freighted from the online retailer to another logistics warehouse.

Again, the food is freighted from this warehouse to your door.

 That’s a lot of travel and resources to get that food to your door! 


How Does Delivery Hound do it?

 Our containers are made manufactured and taken to our filling facility

The food is made here in Australia and delivered to our facility. The containers are filled in this facility and are ready when you are!

Your food is delivered by us that’s one trip direct to your door where we collect your empty container and return it for cleaning and refilling.

Sometimes we have to use a courier so the food is shipped to a logistic warehouse and then sent out . Again your empty container is collected at the same time your new one is delivered.  Empty returned containers are stored at the warehouse and we collect them when drop off our deliver’s for the week.


That’s a lot less kilometers and lot less pressure on the environment!


Hey, did we mention that the plastic bags that dog food is stored in takes 1000 years to break down!


Lets do the maths

  •  A bag of good quality premium dog will last a 20kg dog about 6 weeks.
  • That means the dog will need at least 8 bags of dog food a year
  •  The average life span for a 20kg dog is 12 years
  •  That’s 96 bags of dog food in your pets lifetime
  • Each plastic bag takes 1000 years to break down, that’s a long, long time!


With Delivery Hound Refill and Replace

 Your dog will still eat  the equivalent of 96 bags in its lifetime.

If we all look after the drums the food comes in then that’s one drum in the entire life of your dog

Oh and if they get damaged, they are 100% recyclable as well!

All products we sell are better for the planet! Many are made from recycled materials or are managed with out the excess use of plastics that won't breakdown.


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