Does your current dog food qualify for Frequent Flyer points?

When you begin shopping for dog food, there is a seemingly endless number of brands available. Many of these foods come from overseas so that’s a lot of frequent flyer kilometres they could clock up. Foods that are manufactured in the USA would travel over 14 000 kilometres to get here and that doesn’t include travel associated with the production of the food itself.

 Of course, the USA isn’t the only place in the world that manufactures dog food. Your dog’s food could be made in France, Germany, Canada or New Zealand and all that food is put in containers and shipped here. 

The global footprint on the environment is enormous and that doesn’t take into account the single use plastic bag that the food is packed in which will take 1 000 years to breakdown.

At Delivery Hound we know there is a better way and it’s as simple as Eat - Keep - Repeat.



We use Aussie made (and independently owned) Man’s Best Premium Dog food. It comes in four great grain free formulas (lamb, chicken and ocean fish as a well a puppy formula) that suit all breeds and dogs love it. A great taste that’s guaranteed! We receive it direct from the manufacturer, pack it fresh and have it ready to send.


The food is packed in a reusable 11kg barrel for easy storage and delivered right to your door. The drums have a screw top lid that keeps the food fresh right to the bottom of the barrel!



Choose our subscription service so you never run out or order when you need it. When  you take out a subscription, we deliver your your new container of food and collect the old container return it to out packing warehouse where its disinfected, refilled and ready to go again. 

It’s that simple!

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