Our Story

We have been involved in the pet business for 25 years. When we started to look at the cost of waste to our business we found that many items could be sorted and recycled.  One thing that couldn’t was dog food packaging. When we investigated this further, we found that some dog food bags could take up to 1000 years to completely breakdown.  On top of that, many people would empty out their dog food when they got home into a plastic container or drum for storage and immediately throw the bag away!

That made us think “what if Dog food could be sold in a reusable drum” and better still what if it could be delivered to your door so you didn’t have to lug heavy bags of dog food home.  To make this happen we needed to partner with a dog food company who thought differently.  We collaborated  with the guys from Man’s Best.  A great independently owned Aussie Dog food company who helped us develop an approach to delivering great quality dog food that minimised its environmental footprint.