FAQ's on our subscription service

How can I be sure that my return drum is clean and safe?

Once your barrel is collected, it is returned to our packing facility where it is cleaned with F10 cleaner.  This is vet hospital grade disinfectant. The barrel's are allowed to dry and then are safe and ready for filling.


How do I know that food is fresh?

Our food is packed into barrels as soon as it arrives in the packing facility.  This facility is dark and cool to maintain freshness.  In fact, swap and go is so popular that food is rarely in the packing facility for more than 6 weeks.


Where is Man’s Best made?

Man’s best is made right here in Australia. Over 3 years of research by vet nutritionists has produced a high-quality grain free food that is great for your pet.


What if my Dog doesn’t like it?

Over 95% of dogs love the taste of Man’s Best.  But if you find for what ever reason your pet doesn’t like or isn’t doing well on it.  Our Swap and Go dog food has a money back guarantee! If your hound doesn't like it simply return the barrel to us and we will give you a full refund. Contact us.


What if I forget to leave my barrel out?

We will still deliver your new barrel so there's no chance of your best mate going hungry. You will be charged an additional $15.00 which is the initial price of the first barrel.  Don’t worry,  next time we collect your two barrel's  and your account will credited for this amount.


What if I’m not home when you deliver?

Simply leave your barrel in an obvious spot and our driver will collect the old drum and deliver your new drum.  If you have special delivery instructions, please let us know in the notes section. We can deliver to your workplace if this is more convenient.

 Can I change the recipe for my next delivery?

Yes, you can manage your subscription  & change the formula if you want to try a new flavour for your hound.

What if I have some food left in my return barrel?

Our driver will check your barrel when they collect it.  If there is any food left in it, they will open the new barrel and add it on top and then close up the new barrel.

When will my dog food be delivered?

Delivery days vary depending on your location. Please see our delivery zones chart.

What if I am going away on holiday?

Lucky you, this is easy to solve! Simple hit the pause button from your 'manage my subscription' page. 

What if I no longer want to use the swap and go service?

We think that you ‘ll love the service, the food and doing your part for the environment.  But if at any time you no longer want to use the swap and go service,  it can be cancelled with 24 hours notice. Simply cancel from your 'manage subscriptions page' - No lock-in contract, you’re in control!

 Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.