About our Dog Food

We’re proud to use Man’s Best dog food. Every Man’s Best recipe is locally produced using only the best local ingredients to ensure your best friend has everything they need to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Currently available in 4 delicious recipes

✓ 100% Australian made and owned

✓ Premium, locally sourced ingredients

✓ Developed by vets and nutritionists

Like us, our mates at Man’s Best believe apremium grain free recipe is superior. And like us, dogs didn’t evolve eatinggrains, which can cause difficulty digesting them. They evolved from wolves,used to a protein rich diet of horse, bison and deer. And although dogs canbreak down grains more effectively than wolves – many of them still struggle. Manydogs are allergic to corn, wheat and other grains which are often the source ofskin issues and digestive problems.

Less indigestion and stomach issues

Dogs don’t have a lot of Amylase, the enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates– like grains – so they sit in the stomach and slowly ferment instead. This can cause a range of gastrointestinal issues, so in some cases it’s best to simply remove the grains, and replace them with easier to digest carbohydrates.

Less skin complaints and allergic reactions

Ten percent of all dog allergies are food related, so once again removing the food sthat are causing the issue, is a simple solution. Grains appear to be the cause of many allergic reactions, and in grain free dog food they’re replaced with low allergen carbohydrates such as chick peas, potatoes or rice. Another source of allergic reaction is beef and chicken, and most grain free dog foods avoid these proteins too.

More nutritious, balanced diet

Corn, wheat and soy are fairly low in nutritional value, yet they’re plentiful in regular dog foods. By replacing them with a balanced amount of vegetables and protein, your dog can be eating a more nutritional meal, and less of it too.

It’s often recommended that pregnant dogs switch to grain free dog food too, as it delivers more protein, and the energy required for that particular time of their lives. If you’re in any doubt, it’s always best to consult your vet before making any major dietary changes.

No fillers or unnecessary ingredients.

Grains are cheap and included in many foods to lower costs and bulk them up at the expense of nutrition. You won’t find grain in Man’s Best premium recipes, not now, not ever.

Shinier and healthier coats

It takes oil, and nutrients to keep a healthy coat on a dog, and there’s more of that in protein than grains. Protein also leads to a stronger coat, reducing shedding.

Increased vitality and energy

Protein delivers energy, it’s as simple as that. Which is why pregnant dogs are often recommended to go onto a grain freed dog food diet too.

Man’s Best was created in NSW, Australia from a desire to develop a better Australian Made & Owned grain free food for best friends everywhere. We love them because they’re locals, committed to producing 100% balanced & complete nutrition with the finest ingredients. Atop blokes to boot.

✓ Man’s Best premium grain free recipes are fantastic for fussy dogs who know great ingredients when they taste them!

✓ Man’s Best recipes only include ingredients that each play an important role in the health and wellbeing of your best friend.

✓ Man’s Best recipes are manufactured at their state of the art manufacturing facility that is HACCP certified.

✓ Man’s Best recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition and are formulated to exceed the nutrition levels as set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.