Zero Waste-Inside Australia's first eco-friendly dog food packaging

As a new entry into the circular economy, Delivery Hound brings premium, grain-free dog food direct to your door in a re-usable barrel, returning weeks

Eco-Friendly Dog Food Delivery Hound

later to replace it with a fresh one.

They’re the first organisation in Australia to offer such a service, and while they can only deliver in the greater Sydney area at the moment, they have plans to expand over time.

The business was established in early 2019 by Jeremy and Janine Maitland, who’ve been involved in the pet industry for around 20 years.

“We were feeding our own pets, and we realised how much single-use packaging waste there was, and, like most of us these days, we’re trying to find our way to a more sustainable future.  We believe you have to do what you can, in your own sphere of influence, so after a good long think about it – the idea for Delivery Hound was born.”
Jeremy Maitland

Working closely with Man’s Best dog food, made nearby with local ingredients, Delivery Hound began to test the market at dog shows to begin with, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

“When we spoke to people, and they realised that pet food packaging could not be recycled, they all thought it was a great idea.  And the fact that you only ever have two barrels, for the entire life of your dog. That was the clincher. It just made sense, in so many ways.”
 Janine Maitland


It was always important for Delivery Hound to not only provide a solution to single-use plastic but to be aware of the carbon footprint that surrounds many overseas imported pet foods as well. The fact that Man's Best dog food is made in Australia, is Australian owned and, made using Australian ingredients ticked all the boxes in supplying a true zero-waste dog food.

“Dog food is definitely the biggest supplier of single use plastic in the pet food industry,  but if we can, we’d like to get to cat food, and who knows what else in the future…”
Jeremy Maitland

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