How Often Should I Bathe My Dog? Here’s What You Need to Know

How Often Should I Bath My Dog?

While this may seem obvious to expert dog owners, if you are new to owning a dog, knowing when to bath your pooch is a good question! At Delivery Hound, dog food is not our only area of expertise! We've done some research into how frequent you should give Fido a bath.

Read on to learn more about what we found out! 


How Often Should You Bath Your Dog?

When it comes to how often you should bathe your dog, most experts agree that once per month should suffice. This is especially true for dogs with short and/or minimal fur, as they can become dirty more quickly than their longhaired counterparts. Depending on the individual dog, however, this may need to be adjusted accordingly. For instance, more active or dirtier dogs may require more frequent baths. 

Consult your vet

If, you notice any changes to your dogs skin, such as extra dryness, flakiness. lumps, cuts or lesions. Bathing your dog is the opportune time to give your dog a thorough once over. Always follow up with your vet for further examination if you notice any changes.  Although bathing once a month may generally be recommended for most breeds, certain breeds or individuals may have different requirements due to skin sensitivities or other specific health needs. 

Prioritise before and after activities

In addition to regular baths (once per month), schedule special “cleanings” either before or after activities such as hikes or trips to the beach where your dog is likely to be exposed to additional bacteria or contaminants which can lead to unwanted odours and secondary skin conditions like rashes and infections if not addressed immediately afterwards. 

Natural Dog Safe Shampoos are Best

When selecting a shampoo for your pup, always opt for gentle formulas designed specifically for use on dogs in order to ensure their skin remains healthy and moisturised between baths without becoming too dry or irritated by harsh chemicals found in many popular human shampoos. Alternatively, natural pet care products made with organic material are also good options if available as these tend not contain unnecessary additives known/suspected of being potentially hazardous when licked off during post-bath grooming time by puppies who just can't help themselves :-)

Dogs have Sensitivities to Hot Water & Hot hair Dryers!

Unlike humans that enjoy warm showers followed by cool air drying time, dogs don't typically respond similarly nor share our same bathing preferences so it's important that you adjust settings accordingly and use an adjustable shower head when giving them baths at home (if applicable). If bathing inside isn't logistically possible, consider alternate locations such as outside/in the yard using a kiddy pool filled with fresh warm water then taken away after each use for easy storage until next month's bath rolls around again!


Why do Dogs experience zoomies after a bath?

 Dogs may experience "zoomies" after a bath due to a few different reasons:

  1. Energy release: When a dog is wet, they can feel uncomfortable and may have pent-up energy that they want to release. Once they are dried off and feel more comfortable, they may have a burst of energy that they need to release, resulting in "zoomies."

  2. Playfulness: Dogs may be feeling playful after a bath, especially if they associate the bath with fun activities like playing with toys or getting treats. This can lead to them running around and having a great time.

  3. Relief: If a dog doesn't enjoy getting a bath, they may feel a sense of relief once it's over. This feeling of relief can also lead to a burst of energy and happiness, resulting in "zoomies."

Overall, the exact reason why dogs experience "zoomies" after a bath may vary from dog to dog, but it's usually a sign that they are feeling happy and energetic.


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