Equipping Your Furry Companion with Local and Ethically-Sourced Dog Food in Sydney

If you're looking for grain-free dog food, that is supplied in a sustainable manner with no single-use plastic in Sydney,  Delivery Hound has you covered! At Delivery hound, you can feed your dog and save the planet. Our refill, reuse approach to supplying Sydney dogs with high quality dog food is Australia's first and only single-use plastic free dog food subscription service.


What is the Dog Food Circular Economy?

The circular economy focuses on sustainability and combatting our traditional ‘linear’ models that have a ‘take–make–dispose’ approach. It hopes to minimise or completely stop the use of single-use plastic packaging, for example found in dog food, which contributes hugely to environmental damage. Benefits of this type of approach include reduced amounts of natural resources being used, as well as less waste going into landfills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions being released.

The use of single-use plastics and packaging is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste in Australia. With just 12% of plastic packaging being recycled, the need for sustainable alternatives that reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfill has become increasingly important. To this end, dog food circular economy models have been non existent, until 2019! Delivery Hound emerged with a service that offers an eco-friendly way to package pet food without relying on single-use plastic packaging.

A circular economy is the only solution that can match the scale of the plastic pollution problem.

Stop buying Dog Food in single-use plastic packaging.

Circular economy dog food - Delivery Hound Sydney

Did you know that plastic dog food bags can’t be recycled? Even those ‘paper’ bags have a  plastic lining and those neat cardboard boxes come with a single-use plastic bag. But with Delivery Hound you’ll only ever use two tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning and refilling for you. Paws up for zero plastic waste! Paws up for the circular economy!

Just like the "Swap & Go" gas bottles at the servo, except we deliver to you. That way you only ever use two tubs. The one you have, and the one we’re cleaning, refilling, reusing, and replacing for you. 

It took a bit of time to get the logistics right, but now you can feed your dog great quality, premium Aussie dog food, without adding to the single-use plastic waste problem.


Save over 96 single-use plastic dog food bags from landfill today!
Less landfill. More refill. Every order from Delivery Hound saves a single-use plastic dog food bag from going to landfill. Which adds up to about 96 bags over the average dog’s lifetime. With Delivery Hound you can reduce your plastic pawprint and say goodbye to single-use plastic in your dog food and hello to  sustainable living.


If dog owners across 2 Sydney localities, the Northern Beaches and Ku-ring-gai (a total of just over 4,000 registered dogs in 2021) stopped buying conventionally packaged dog food, there would be 384,000 less single-use plastic bags in landfill over the life of their dog! Food for thought.....


Buy Australian Made and Owned Dog Food

Often dog foods are promoted as being 'Australian' but when you probe and investigate further, you realise that they are owned by overseas corporations! Their only focus is the bottom line of their ledger to make a profit, not the quality of the dog food or the impact their packaging and supply chain has on our environment.

If you are not a Delivery Hound customer, check the labels for the country of origin of your current dog food. Many pet owners are opting for locally produced foods which helps reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and allows them to support their local businesses. Additionally, checking labels can also help identify foods that are free from fillers, artificial colours, and flavours!

At Delivery Hound, our Man's Best Premium Grain-Free dog food is sourced right here in Oz & is produced locally in rural NSW from local ingredients!


Find a Dog Food that has a Low Carbon Paw-print

Unlike many pet foods you find in the supermarket (these have high food miles), the dog food that Delivery Hound supplies has only two trips, one from the producer to our plant where it is packed into our reusable tubs and delivered to your door - Simple!

Sustainable and  Balanced Dog Food  in Australia Should not Be a Compromise

At Delivery Hound Sydney, we prioritise ethical and sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain. We take responsibility for the broader impacts of our decisions. By eliminating single-use packaging from dog food, we are helping reduce the burden on landfill, our oceans and the future environment.  At the same time, we  provide the highest possible quality food for your dog's health and well-being. These two should not be a compromise!

With more dogs today suffering with food intolerances, we are proud to partner with the Man's Best Grain Free formula. Like us, our mates at Man’s Best believe a premium grain free recipe is superior. And like us, dogs didn’t evolve eating grains, which can cause difficulty digesting them. They evolved from wolves, used to a protein rich diet of horse, bison and deer. And although dogs can break down grains more effectively than wolves – many of them still struggle. Many dogs are allergic to corn, wheat and other grains which are often the source of skin issues and digestive problems.



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