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Looking for an eco-friendly way to feed your new pup or big doggo? Try subscription dog food delivery right to your door in Sydney — with sustainable ingredients and zero single-use plastic packaging! This delivery service offers premium, grain-free recipes that are both healthy and environmentally-friendly, so you can keep your hound happy without compromising the health of our planet. There is a recipe of great tasting food for all stages of life and all sizes too, from new puppy to large breed dog.

Eco-friendly pet food providers for Sydney delivery.

Premium Grain-Free Australian Dog Food Delivery Sydney

Finding eco-friendly dog food delivery in Sydney is easier than ever with Delivery Hound. Before you commit to any particular subscription service with a multi-national corporation, it’s important to research and identify providers who adhere to sustainable practices by delivering food with minimal packaging and using preservative-free ingredients. Additionally, check out overall customer feedback on the quality of food and reliability of delivery times. Establishing a trusted provider is key to ensuring your pup gets their meals in a safe, efficient manner without creating unnecessary plastic waste.

At Delivery hound, you can have your dog's food delivered free to your door andDog Food Delivered Sustainably to your Door Sydney Wide-Delivery Hound select from a variety of 5 different grain-free recipes. Each recipe is available in a 5kg and 11 kg reusable container. When your dog has finished the food in the container, Delivery Hound will replace it with a fresh one and collect the empty one for cleaning. It is a service based on the principles of the circular economy!

If you subscribe (the service is slightly cheaper too!), you can set and forget ever buying dog food the conventional way. It will be delivered to your door whenever you need it whether that be every week or once a fortnight. Our Healthy Dog Feeding Guide will help you work out how often to order. You can  change the frequency if you need it either sooner or later.

Did we mention that you can change the recipe too? Some hounds like variety in the diet and you can change to a different recipe as often or as little as your dog wants.


What is the Circular Economy?

Dog Food Delivery Service Delivery Hound Sydney - Circular Economy

The circular economy is an economic system that is designed to reduce waste and maximize the use of resources. It works by keeping products, components, and materials in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them while in use, then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of each service life. This helps to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills or ending up in our precious oceans.

Save the planet by reducing single-use dog food packaging

Fresh, Healthy Grain-Free Dog Food Delivery without Single-Use Plastic

At Sydney's Door, we're committed to helping preserve the environment while keeping your canine companion healthy by delivering premium, grain-free, eco-friendly and sustainable dog food straight to your door - without any single-use plastic! No hounding needed!

Get the best for Fido and the environment with every order! Sydney dog owners can now enjoy the convenience of having premium, grain-free, eco-friendly, and sustainable dog food delivered to their door without any single-use plastic.

Unlike traditional dog food packaging that discards up to 96 bags during a dog's lifetime, you can rest assured that your pet's selection will help preserve the environment for years to come. We're proud to offer Sydney pet owners a single-use plastic-free subscription dog food delivery service. Our range includes sustainably-sourced, premium grain-free, eco-friendly and healthy options that help ensure your beloved pet is getting the best nutrition whilst also protecting their environment! Our great tasting food is Aussie owned and made right here in NSW by Man's Best. 

Only the Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery for Sydney

Unlike buying dog food the regular way, when you order from us, your food only makes 2 trips. One from the manufacturer to us, and one from us to your doorstep. The lower food miles used means that our dog food is fresher than conventionally packaged foods that have been in transit and storage for months or even years! It also decreases carbon emissions from traditional transport methods such as ship, air travel, and multiple truck transportation.

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Need premium grain-free dog food delivered to your door in Sydney? Check out Delivery Hound - fresh and sustainable, without single-use plastic. This eco-friendly dog food delivery service is a great way to reduce environmental waste at your home.

Best Review Dog Food Delivery Sydney -Delivery Hound

Love using Delivery Hound. It’s delivered every 3 weeks, I leave my empty barrel out & they replace it with a full one. Food is fresh & grain free, my dog loves it. This service & price is amazing & has helped us reduce single use plastics at our house! HIGHLY recommend. Roz & Muz

Teddy loves "Delivery Hound" Ocean fish.He is a very fussy eater , I've tried lots of kibble , he wasn't interested until using this kibble .The product is excellent quality ,all natural. The delivery and customer service is fantastic ...I only feed my Australian Cobberdog quality food ,so far no health problems or allergies as a result. Maree. T

If you're a dog parent looking for premium, grain-free and sustainable dog food for your pup in Sydney, then Delivery Hound has got you sorted!


Our Staxie has enjoyed this Australian made grain free dog food for almost aBest Review Dog Food Delivery Sydney -Delivery Hound By Staxie! year now. Delivery hound is a family run business who offer fantastic online home delivery service. Takes the hassle out of those special trips to purchase your Aussie made and owned dog food. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Beth. M

So, healthy and environmentally safe dog food? It's all delivered right to your door here with Delivery Hound!

Save the planet & save money!

Get your pup's tails wagging with $10 off your first order of subscription dog food delivered right to your door in Sydney. Enjoy premium grain-free, sustainable and eco-friendly options free of single-use plastic - all qualifying as healthy and environmentally safe choices for your furry friend! Subscribe now to take advantage of this offer valid for new sign-ups only.

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